Friday, February 25, 2011

Love, Love, Love Them

My husband went to the post office to pick up our mail and walks in with a package for me from my "secret" Mug Rug Swap partner. OMG, I was so happy when I saw what she made for me. Check them out!!!
"Heart" Mug cute!!

I know I'm excited, but you've got to understand that I've been sick in bed all week and opening the box was such a treat. Not only did she send me the rugs but she included a Tea Towel, some Bath and Body hand soap, some candy and a sweet note.

Thank you Mary Pat for your generous package and lovely
Mug Rugs.

These are my first rugs and believe me I will be using them. I really like the pattern and if you don't mind, I'm gonna copy your design idea and make some in different colors. Thanks again for making my day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little Sunshine Would Be Nice

 I've had enough of this weather. I live in the desert and the winds, rain and snow have interrupted our plans for the past few weeks. Who isn't ready for Spring....a little sunshine would be nice. I'm home, sick, and even more annoyed because now I'm really forced to stay indoors until I get better and what does the weather channel say -- "snow". 
 Are you feeling my frustration!  Sorry, I've been in bed with the flu since Saturday and just a bit out of my wits now.  I've spent some time redoing a few thing on my blog and adding my own button (it took me forever to do but I finally got it). Hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel good enough to take some photos of a few projects to share and be able to work on some also.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Word of The Year "Stitch"

Kelly over at Charming Chatter came up with a great idea to have a theme word for the year.  Almost immediately the word that came to mind was "Stitch".    I selected this simply because that's exactly what I need to focus on to get me into my sewing room again.  Last year, for some reason or another, I just couldn't set aside enough time for myself.  So, my focus will be to "stitch".  Maybe I can get my creative edge going again and do what I love to!

Happy New Year!