Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christmas in July

I decided (late I know) to post a few pictures of Christmas ornaments I've made in the past years to share with all of you early birds who are already preparing for Christmas in July.

I know everyone is always looking for ideas so I thought I'd show some of my Christmas crafts for you to see and maybe make in "a crafty moment".

The gingerbread ornaments were made this past Christmas and the others I'm not sure what year they were made. The ones posted here I kept for samples and some don't look like the fancy one I gave away. All of the ornaments I made for friends and family were designed in colors specific to the taste of the person in mind.

I used them as gift toppers, I grouped several together and gave them as ornament gifts and some I just threw in with other gifts to add a little surprize.

The gingerbread ones were made from fabric scraps and I either embroidered on them, sewed or glued on buttons or added some ribbon or ric rack to dress them up. The blue and green one in the background were never finished. I just saved them as samples.

This was made as an ornament. This was my sample, the ones I gave away were made in satin with sequins or beads added.

This little Angel is made with folded fabric and starched. The wings are just glued on and the beaded head is stuck in the fold with a foiled pipe cleaner. Put a bit of glue before sticking it between the fold.

These are the cutest pasta ornaments ever - made from four types of pasta a wooden bead and seed beads for the hair. Once they are all glued together you just spray paint in what ever color you want.

This little one was made from scrap fabric. You can either stamp, embroider, or paint the face on these. Glue some small twigs for reindeer antlers and cover with a ribbon or a bit of straw grass (not sure what you call that stuff).

I hope you enjoyed by contribution to Christmas Crafts!!
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  1. Aww, I love the gingerbread men and the reindeer!! So cute!!

  2. Those are all good ideas, thanks for sharing.

  3. I made the same "little angel" years ago. Still have it too! Check out my blog when you can. It's about school right now but varies. I am an artist. Follow me?