Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Tutorial" Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing Machine Cover made from a pair of used jeans. Follow the instructions below to make one for yourself. Be sure to read all the steps in the instructions before you begin so that you know what will come next and how easily it comes together.

Steps to Follow:

Get yourself a pair of used jeans (I used a size 14 pair of woman's jeans).

1. Cut the legs of the jeans off just below the crouch.2. Make sure the the bottom piece you cut is straight (see above photo) so you can either hem it or add trim later.

3. Stitch a straight line down inside front of the jeans just below the zipper to remove the crouch. Trim off the excess piece. (see photo below.)

4. Measure the waist of the jeans laying flat and add 1.5 inches to that measurement. (My waist measured 16" and I added 1.5 inches which made the total 17.5 inches*)

5. Mark a piece (using the leg of the jean) 5 inches in height by the length you measured *mine was 17.5 inches. (my piece was 5"x17.5") See photos below.

6. After you've cut this out, round off the four corners as shown in the photo below.

7. Make sure your jeans are inside out and pin the cut piece along the back of the waist just below the waist band. Sew along this piece, stitching just below the waist band. Tip: fold piece in half to measure your placement. Place fold on the center below the waist band and pin.

8. Now remove your pins from the back part and pin the front and sides, pinning darts down around the sides to round the corners on both sides. Now sew this part (just below the waist band) and you are done with the top part.

This photo shows it pinned down.

This photo also shows it pinned down with the darts around the corners.

This photo shows it sewn all around with the pins removed.

This photo shows it turned right side out and how it should look. As you can see in the photo, it's sewn below the waistband.

9. Sew the hem or add trim to the bottom edge and your sewing machine cover is complete.

10. Optional: add embroidery or applique to decorate your machine cover as you desire.

This is a really fun project and the pockets on both the front and back of the jeans add storage for your scissors, bobbins, etc. I hope you enjoy making one for yourself.

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  1. What a great idea, great use of old jeans!
    Nice work :-)