Saturday, February 27, 2010

February Comes to an End

All I got done this month was finishing the Elephant Mini and making a tote for myself. I missed two of my classes due to illness and again found myself with little time to do what I

I spent two days in the hospital running tests due to an irregularity with my heart. Turns out I have a defect in my left ventricular branch. I'm working on bringing my blood pressure down and changing my diet to help with this and of course trying to fit in a little exercise. The weather has been either too cold or too windy and the fact that my back has also been killing me hasn't helped much. The "stress" of all the lay-offs and pink slips being handed out because of our poor education budget has made us all tense. Somehow, slowly taking it's toll on me and all those I work with over the last few months.

Some of us escaped being pink slipped for this first round, me included. However, those of us who were spared are feeling a bit of survivors guilt. We're just sick over the the number of staff (15) we'll be losing, especially the fact that they are really talented educators. There is so little we feel we can do when they say there is no money to fund the necessities of education. What a sad state we are in.

Anyway, back to sewing projects and a not so bitter subject. I plan to work on a puzzle quilt for my grandaughter who will be graduating this June. She like brights, like yellow, green, blue and orange. I looked through my stash and didn't find many suitable brights so I'll have to the fabric store (yippee) and look for a dozen or so fat quarters for this project. I'm looking forward to it and just getting back to my sewing machine.


  1. Sorry you are having the health issues and the stress at work, too. Your upcoming project for your granddaughter sounds like fun, though,and I'm sure it will give you a big lift to be working on that. (Better get moving.....graduation will be here before you know it!!! LOL)

  2. I hope your feeling much better! Please take care of yourself. I am thinking of making a quilt for Desi for her graduation.

  3. Hope you're feeling better by now. Use your sewing time for rest and rejuvenation!

  4. Hello, thanks for commenting! love your blog. I'm not a makeup artist.. but I'm just obsessed with it =X. I should be updating my blog more often, have soo much more info to share. I'll work on that this year. I do love sewing too thank you for your blog posts! =)