Monday, October 5, 2009

CGQC Projects for October

October's here already and it's time to post my CGQC projects for the month.
My first project is a queen size quilt "round the world" pattern that I just started for my bedroom. Here's a photo of the fabric and pattern.
Second is a really cute Halloween wall hanging done in applique. The pieces are cut and it just needs to be assembled and quilted.
My third project is 20 - 12" Christmas star point squares I need to finish for an exchange. Here's one square, I only have 19 more to go.

(No Photo on this one)

And, last but not least is finishing my mini-quilt for the CGQC exchange that must be complete by the end of the month. I must say this one is almost complete. I still need to add the batting and the binding and then it's done.

Like most of you, I have a number of other projects in the works that I won't list but if I happen to finish them I'll post pictures. I'm anxious to do some paper piecing so who knows I just might be able to fit in a project this month.


  1. Sounds like lovely projects. Happy sewing♥♥♥

  2. Wow! That is quite a list, I will cheer for you! I can't wiat to see all of your projects.

    I use Pigma pens to sign my blocks. You can buy them at Michael's and JoAnn fabrics. They are sold individualy or in sets. The nice thing about them is that they don't run or bleed and they are archival so they will not ruin the fabric over time.


  3. sure have a lot of project goals for this month! I, also, have lots of projects but most of mine right now are too involved to finish anytime soon. *sigh*