Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Winner" Birthday Giveaway

And the "Winner is" Pat from A Little of This and a Little of Pat. Thank you Pat for your entry and Birthday wishes. Send me an email with your address and I'll send the package off to you this weekend.

Thank you to all of you bloggers out there who sent Birthday Wishes my way! I've visited most of your blogs and I'm fasinated with all the fabulous projects.


  1. Well...son of a gun....I was just checking blogs to see if anyone was doing anything more for our friend in Ohio whose husband had a bad accident yesterday and see this happy news for ME about a giveaway I won. Thanks, Cora...I'll send the email now with my address. This is a happy spot in a day that has been quite stressful.

  2. OH, also, Cora...I meant to say that I hope you have followed on my blog that Barb (Bejeweled Quilts by Barb) who is known to you from blogging and lives in American Samoa is SAFE after the quake and tsunami that hit near her home yesterday.

  3. Congratulations on the win Pat!

  4. Congratulations to the winners! Looking forward to seeing your October projects . If they are anything like your September they will absolutely gorgeous! I still have my tea towel from you on display!
    Happy sewing:)