Monday, August 29, 2016


Wow, it's been years since my last post.  A lot has transpired since then and I'd like to start adding pictures of my latest creations and projects and also check out all of your blogs again.  I'm going to have to learn this whole process all over again so bear with me.  I've been very busy with life just like the rest of you except, I've neglected my blog and connecting with everyone.

My most recent projects have been sewing, embroidery and creating with my Silhouette.  Paper crafting has been one of my favorite past times and recently I've been playing with creating SVG files.  I have several Halloween images done that I will share with all of you soon.  Below is a witch hat I created and I'm posting it as a test to see if it can be downloaded by those of you who might be interested.  Once I figure out if it works, I'll share a few more, for free of course.

Happy crafting!

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