Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog Award and Tag Your It

I've been tagged by dear Glenna over at Your Fabric Place to share 10 tidbits about myself with all of you. The TAG requires me to bestow this award and task on 10 other fabulous bloggers.

I suppose this is how we get to know one another and share our personal feelings and history to help form those friendships we make through our internet conversations.

No yawns please....

1. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we're still inseparable.

2. Make me laugh and you'll see me cry too. Somehow the two go hand in hand with me.

3. I'm extremely sentimental. I tear up when I hear a sad story or a lovely song -- go figure??

4. At age 11 my mother taught me how to sew and I began making my own clothes and patterns out of newspaper (when your body is tiny the patterns don't have to be perfect to fit, but it's another story when you develop all those curves).

5. Shoes...I love shoes. Because I have a small foot (size 5), if I find a shoe I like and it fits, I buy it. This stems from needing a pair of shoes to match a dress for a special event and not being able to find it in my size when I need it. So now I always have a pair that will work perfectly in a pinch.

6. Dieting is out of the question since I can't pass up a piece of chocolate.

7. Gardening is another one of my hobbies.

8. I love to watch Disney movies with my grand kids and play a card game called "speed" with my oldest grand-daughter.

9. I love all types of music. My husband and I can pretty much listen to anything from the oldest stuff to the most current. Even the grand kids come to us sometimes to see if we have a song they want recorded.

10. When I was younger, I wanted to change my first name to a more popular one. A phase I guess.

Hey...I know some of you were yawning out there.

I'm really just a home body that enjoys quiet time, family and friends and doing what I enjoy.

If you've been tagged, post the award on your blog and tag 10 others. Oh come's not that painful.

Tag Your It....

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God Bless!!


  1. Hi Thanks for tagging me! I have already been only recently so i will be passing at the moment!

  2. I just did one of these also, only seven things. You can read it here.
    I also just posted the Charming Girls Tag 2.

    Hugs & Stitches,

  3. Thanks for the tag Cora!
    I'm posting my tag and indicating 10 more!

    God bless you!