Sunday, August 2, 2009

Driving Through The Mountains

My husband and I took a trip down to Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon to visit the kids. We headed back home early Sunday morning to avoid any traffic since we have to drive 100 miles. While driving up the pass, I took these pictures of the mountains and the sun rising through the early morning clouds. The views are so pretty, I love the desert (except for the extremely hot days). Check out the pictures on the bottom of this post. Every time we pass this huge rock it amazes me how much it looks like an old Indian face with the wrinkles and all. I was surprised at how clear the pictures came out on this one.

We stopped for breakfast and coffee and once we got home the entire afternoon was spent watching movies on LifeTime and looking at craft shows that I recorded during the week. I did a little embroidery on my Janome and made a snowman ornament. I was trying out this pattern for the first time and wanted to see how it stitched out.

I can say I had a relaxing day and also fit in a little blog surfing.

This is a photo from a distance. Check out the hugh rock in the center of the photo.

Here it is again, we're getting a little closer.

Here's another one that kind of shows you the size of it in comparison to the truck.

Check this out!! What do you think?


  1. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I enjoyed checking out your blog too. I used to live in CA. I lived in North Hollywood, Sun Valley, and Burbank growing up. My brother and cousins still live in San Jose.