Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small "but fun" Projects

For some reason, I've only been able to fit in small amounts of time to sew lately so the projects I'm working on are quick ones.

These small Christmas projects are a few of the things I've been working on. This Christmas Bear is a favorite of mine so I thought I'd make it for one of my grand daughter to add to her collection of stuffed animals. These snowmen are a sample of an embroidery pattern I'm trying out for Christmas ornaments and appliques for some Holiday apparrel. The blue one I stitched out in one solid color thread (light blue) and the white applique I stitched out in the recommended colors for the pattern just to see how it came out. What do you think?

This gift bag is a really easy pattern to whip up for a quick gift wrap. It's very similar to a pillowcase pattern leaving the small accent piece open to slip a ribbon through to cinch it closed.

This little bag is a cell phone helper. Worn around the neck, it allows you to be hands free and still have quick access to your cell phone when you're expecting that impCheck Spellingortant call. The fabric used here isn't the greatest but it was handy when I had the idea to sew it up and just the right size (it's just a sample). I'll need to use some nice cording and some attractive fabric for the one's I'll be making for stocking stuffers. This was really simple and quick to make. the ribbon was sewn in with the side seam so once you sew up both sides its done and very secure.
Enjoy A Crafty Moment!!


  1. love your small gifts, especially the teddy bear, he is delightful

  2. These are very nice, practical gifts. The fact that they are easy to do is a plus in my book. Way to go Cora!

  3. I see you are keeping busy too! Love your new background!

  4. Wow - what cute projects. Especially love that cell phone holder. I could use one of those! (I can never find my phone when my hubby calls!)

  5. Christmas bear is really cute! I am impressed that you have started on Christmas projects already.