Friday, July 31, 2009

Charming Girls Quilt Club - 5 Things

5 Things.....
1. My Favorite Fabric is:
I love florals and warm colors, it doesn't matter who designs them (if I like them, I buy them).
2. The pattern I'm most looking forward to sewing is:
A quilted tote bag (pattern sent to me by another club member)
3. The food that is my weakness:
Taco and potato chips
4. If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd:
I'd run a marathon or swim in the ocean. I know this might sound a bit much but I loved to run when I was young and I've always loved the water but for some reason never got the hang of swimming (just wading, floating and splashing around).
5. The Best "Life" Advice I know is:
Trust in your faith.


  1. 1. favorite fabric is at the moment bright colours, orange and green flowers.
    2. the pattern i am most looking forward to doing is my friends Vikkis stitchery
    3. my weakness food is toasted cheese and vigimite
    4. if i knew i could not fail i would climb a mountain and look down!
    5. My best life advice is Be true to yourself.

  2. Thanks for stoppping by my blog Cora!

  3. So fun! Thanks for sharing. Wow, a marathon or swimming the ocean -- great dreams. Good advice, and I'll be looking forward to seeing that tote bag!