Thursday, July 30, 2009

Does Organizing Make Sense??

Today was the day to get to the things on my to-do list; no more putting it off. First task was cleaning the bathrooms, a regular chore that no-one wants to do. I'm having one of them tiled this weekend and I had to remove everything to make it easy and less cumbersome for the tiler.

Then, I quickly picked up around the house (not much to do there) and lastly headed to my sewing room - the disaster room. I folded fabric, put away notions, picked up threads from the floor and tried to put everything in its place. The problem with putting things away is you never find them . I'm told everybody has that problem?? That's the whole reason the room gets torn up in the first place because you have to tear everything apart just to find what you put away. Makes you wonder, does organization make sense?

After a long day of "organizing" I finally sat down to a dinner of pizza with my husband and grandkids. After they leave I hope to take a long hot bubble bath.


  1. I fully understand that problem, When i tidy up i think it is ok until i need it again. Anything really important i wait for a witness and hopefully i will remember where i put it. For example. I bought some lovely hand made Christmas and birthday cards from a craft market. I really really loved them and thought, how lovely and useful. As usual, i have put them in a safe place, can i find them? No! i had to buy another birthday card, not as nice as the one i wanted to send, but i will keep looking before the next birthday comes around and when i do find it i will send my friend an Unbirthday card and let her know it is the one i wanted to send her in the first place.
    Enjoy your pizza and hope you find your things in their new places better than i did.

  2. I can relate my sewing room is a disaster. Every time I start to clean it I find things I've forgotten about... which leads me to look for other stuff ...which leads get the picture. Enjoy your weekend!