Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eye Glass Caddy Tutorial

Supplies: Piece of fabric 8x13 inches, 1/2 in wide twill tape or ribbon, and bias tape (2.75m double folded). Please read instructions all the way through so that you have an understanding of the steps. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. I hope you enjoy making the caddy. You won't believe how easy it is to make.

Cut a piece of Fabric 8 x 13 inches.

Fold it in half lengthwise and sew a 1/4 inch seam as shown creating a tube. (Leave both ends open.)

Turn right side out and press so that seam is in the center.

This picture shows what the front side should look like.

Picture of back side with seam in center.

Start pinning 1/2 inch Twill Tape approximately 1- 1/4 inch from the top and zig zag from side to side as shown till you get to the bottom. Cut off when you get to the bottom.

Fold in a 1/4 inch seam at the top and pin. This part will be sewn together when you stitch around to attach Twill Tape.

Pin top edge together as shown and described in previous photo.

Sew along the edge to hold the Twill Tape down. This will be covered when you put on the Bias Tape.

This picture shows how the caddy should look now. The bottom edge on the left is still open (it should not be sewn together). It will be sealed when you finish with the bias tape.

Cut a piece of card stock 3-1/4 x 11-1/2 inches. I used an old file folder. Any type of cardboard will do.

Slip it inside the caddy through the open end. You're almost done now.

After you've slipped the cardboard inside, flip it over to the side with the seam and stitch in the ditch. This will hold down the Twill Tape and make slots to insert the eye glasses when finished.

Your piece should look like this with the stitch down the middle. I rounded the corners of the unfinished side for ease when stitching the bias tape on.

Cut your bias tape approximately 48 inches long to go around the caddy and leave enough for the strap.

Start at the center of the bottom with the bias tape and begin sewing around. The wide side of the bias tape goes on the bottom and you stitch from the top. When you come to the top edge, sew along the bias tape to create the strap as shown below. Put a pin on the bias tape to mark the end of the strap.

TIP: Remember to leave enough bias tape to make it around the caddy to where you started. You can pin it if you like to be sure.

When you've sewn enough for the strap, insert the other side of the caddy under the bias tape and sew down to the bottom edge where you started and your done. See photo below.

Photo of where the bias tape should meet at the bottom of the caddy.

You're finished. Fill it with your glasses and make a few more for friends and family.

Photo of caddy being put to good use.
Leave me a comment if you make one for yourself. I'd love to see how yours turns out.


  1. Thank you for your kind comments...I love your eye glass case.... what beautiful gifts they would make!

  2. This is such a great idea!! I love that it has room for multiple pairs of glasses.

    I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

    (Link will go live at 11:46 pm CST)