Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun Filled Day

Here are a few greeting cards and postcards from my stash that I'd like to share. There are a number of different techniques used here. If you are curious about what was used just send me a post and I'll get back to you.

Today three of my grandsons came over to spend the day with me and my husband. We played with water guns and had a blast. So full of energy, they seem to never get tired. We needed a rest so I sat and watched them play video games for a while. I was so amazed at how quick there little hands were at pressing the buttons and at the intelligence level it takes to play those games. There's so much going on at once, I don't know how they keep track of the moves, the pop-ups and the characters. The twins, who are three years old, and their older brother who is four, played one game each against their mother and won her fair and square. She was lost from the start.

After lunch I read them a book and than we watched a movie before they left for home totally exhausted from the excitement, or should I say I was the one exhausted. I'm so grateful for the fun and laughs we had today, it sure made the day go by in a flash. I have to tell you about the biggest laugh we had. At one point, after running around with the kids, my daughter said, "I'm pooped". My four year old grandson looked at her with a puzzled look on his face and said, "Mom -- you pooped yourself"? We all laughed so hard.

The house is quiet now and I thought I'd retreat to my sewing room for an hour or two andwork on some projects.

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