Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

My husband and I spent the day with friends at a charitable event to benefit the football team of a college in our old neighborhood. The event included a vintage car show with several vendors and various exhibits. There was quite a turnout and I'm sure the event surpassed everyone's expectations.

We strolled through rows and rows of vintage cars talking with friends and old acquaintances from our high school days. It's amazing what some of these car enthusiasts do to the simplest of details. Some cars even had Coach interiors. My husband and his friends enjoy all things car related and they were into every detail of the car restorations.

After a few hours we became overheated and decided to leave and make the 90 mile trip back home. The forecast for the day was supposed to be 86 degrees, but I'm sure it was much hotter than that. It felt like 110. It was a great Sunday afternoon despite the heat.

When I go to events I always look for inspiration for my crafty creations. Today I noticed that many of the ladies were wearing flowers in their hair, big bright ones. I didn't see any for sale but thought that surely I could make some. So off I go to my sewing room to see what I can sew up. (Check out this site I just found she has a tutorial to make them.)

Congratulations to the promoters for a job well done!

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  1. You lucky thing, I love going to old car shows. They all bring back pleasant memories of the past. Thanks for stopping by my blog.