Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Third Project Complete

H00ray...done in a day.!! I thought I'd never get to this project because I dreaded cutting out the pattern, as it turned out its only two pieces. The pattern had five different options to choose from and when I took the pieces out of the envelope the first time I thought oh no, there's too many pattern pieces to deal with and stuffed it all back in. There it stood all month long glaring at me do pick it up again. So, a couple of nights ago, I sat on the floor and cut apart all the pieces and separated them. After that, it wasn't such a big deal and discovering that this option had only two pieces I knew it would be a piece of cake to sew it up.

Thanks to Charming Girls Quilt Club, I was motivated to finish this project that was in my sewing room for several months. Once I decided to just get it done it didn't take much time to complete. It looks nice on and I plan to wear it this weekend.

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  1. Very cute! I love the fabric you selected.
    Happy Stitches,

  2. Love it, love it! Very Cute, Cora! Way to sew!